Virus and Spyware Cleanup

Allstate IT Solutions provides a comprehensive Virus and Spyware Cleanup service. We do not just remove the malware threats on your computer, we repair any damage they may have caused and take proactive measures to help minimize the chances of future infection. Our process is so intensive, we guarantee that your system is clean. In fact, we go one step further… if you get reinfected within 30 days of service, we will do a full cleanup again at no additional charge.

Virus and Spyware Cleanup Process:

  • Perform an initial assessment of the computer system.
  • Collect and analyze system and antivirus reports (i.e. system logs, dump files, etc.). Review any system history and recently installed programs.
  • Perform first pass of virus and spyware removal process.
  • Perform manual security diagnostic of system for continued evidence of malware infection
  • Perform manual diagnostic of registry for evidence of malware infection.
  • Manually remove any additional threats found on system.
  • Perform second pass of virus and spyware removal process. If any threats are found, repeat previous steps and perform third pass of virus and spyware removal process.
  • Verify that Windows Update is working properly [or any other OS]. If not working properly, take necessary action.
  • Verify that Windows is fully up-to-date with critical updates [or any other OS]. Perform updates as needed.
  • Verify that all high-risk applications are up-to-date [JAVA, Flash, Adobe Reader, etc.]. Perform updates as needed.
  • Verify that licensed antivirus software is running on system and is up-to-date. Perform updates as needed. If no licensed antivirus is present client will be contacted for authorization to install one.
  • Perform a complete system diagnostic to ensure that malware removal did not damage drivers, software, and applications. Reinstall drivers and applications as needed.
  • Configure basic security settings to protect against future malware infections and common threats.
  • Recommend proactive steps to help minimize the chance of future malware infections.
  • Provide a summary of services performed and confirmation of completed work.