Networks and Networking

Allstate IT Solutions’ expert technicians are highly trained professionals, skilled in all facets of network Design and Implementation. We understand that your business IT infrastructure is critical to business continuity and is contingent upon network integrity. Allstate IT Solutions can design and implement a network solution for your business’s unique needs and then support it for years to come.

Our Services

  • LAN / WAN / WiFi
    Local Area Networks are the most common type of network for small businesses. They consist of 2 or more PC’s connected to each other via an Ethernet switch. WANs are large networks that in most cases use the Internet to connect smaller LANs with each other.  WLANs are Wireless Local Area Networks that allow computers to talk to each other using wireless radios.
  • VPN Installations
    A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to have access to your office computer even when you’re away from your office.  Commonly referred to as “Remote Access”, VPN access creates a secure connection to your office network over the Internet. When you connect your home computer, smartphone, or tablet to a VPN, you have the ability to work on your office computer as if you were in the room with it.
  • Network Security
    Network security has become one of the most important factors for companies to consider.  Did you know that allowing your customers to use your office WIFI, without properly securing your network, can allow them access to your company’s financials, employee data, and other confidential information? By increasing network security, you decrease the chance of privacy spoofing, identity theft, information theft and other forms of security breach. A company’s network security can be easily compromised if the proper security measures have not been implemented.