Remote Data Backup


Allstate IT Solutions’ Remote Data Backup service is an Internet-based data protection service that allows you to routinely backup important data over the Internet to secure offsite storage servers 24/7/365.

Do you use your computer to create and store data valuable to you or your business? If so, are you making regular offsite backups of that data? In the event of a system failure, virus, lost or stolen computer, fire, natural disaster, or just human error, do you have a secure backup of all of your critical business data? You may not be able to prevent these events from happening, but you can prevent the costs associated with attempted data recovery and loss of business by using Allstate IT Solutions Remote Data Backup Service.

We make the backup process easy and automatic through our secure, user friendly data backup software. This software will encrypt and copy all of your important files over the Internet to a secure location on either a scheduled basis or on demand. Worried about security? Don’t be; while your files do travel over the Internet to our secured servers, they are encrypted with the same encryption the US government uses to prevent any chance of unauthorized access.

Our Remote Data Backup service is HIPAA and SOX compliant. Prior to leaving your computer, your data is compressed, then encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption and then sent to our backup cluster over a 128 bit SSL encrypted connection.


24 hour access to all backup data via any Internet connection

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee with our service. We are able to offer this guarantee because of the datacenters our equipment is housed in, the quality of our equipment, and the network infrastructure we’ve designed and implemented. While our guarantee is only 99.9%, we are 100% confident that your data will be available whenever you need it.

Offsite, encrypted, secure storage

Your data is encrypted before it even leaves your computer. We use 256 bit AES encryption which is the very same encryption strength and algorithm our military uses to transmit and receive secure data. Once the data is encrypted it is then transmitted over a 128 bit SSL encrypted connection to our servers. Our servers are located in a locked server cabinet in a locked room with armed guards at the front door. You can trust us when we tell you that your data is safe.

Automatic, background backups

Our software allows you to run your backups automatically in the background while you work. Once the backup software is configured, it will backup the files you select on the schedule you set. There is never a need to worry about remembering to run your backup again. You can even run a backup on demand with having to wait for the scheduler to run it.

E-Mailed Backup Logs

Our backup server will send you an email after every scheduled backup with a status report. It will tell you what was backed up, what time it backed it up and if there were any errors. It will also send an email to you if the scheduled backup was missed (perhaps due to your computer being off, an Internet or power outage). Never worry whether your backup went through or not, just check your email and a status report will be waiting for you with your backup results.

Backup 50 GB or more in one night with seed loading

Our seed load and in-file delta technologies enable backup of large quantities of data to be completed in a very short period of time. The seed load features allows you to backup a large amount of data to an external hard drive. We then take that hard drive and connect directly to our backup server in our datacenter and load the data directly to the server. Once we’ve completed the seed load the backup software will upload the “deltas” or changes to those files every night. This allows for large amounts to be transferred to the backup server in less than an hour where it would have taken 15 days on a standard DSL connection. After the seed load, nightly backups are completed sometime between a few minutes and a few hours depending on how much data has changed that day, not days.

Store multiple versions of your files

With our backup software you can store multiple versions of your files. This is a great feature in cases where your computer contracts a virus, or in more common cases when a file modified, overwritten, or deleted on accident. If it’s July 25th and you accidentally deleted or a virus infected an important file on the 23rd, no problem. All you have to do is restore a copy from the 22nd.

All data is compressed

All of the data you send to our backup servers is compressed before it’s transmitted. This allows for a faster backup, as well as more available storage. If you have a 30 GB backup plan, it’s not uncommon to be able to squeeze in 45 to 50 GB of data depending on the files you’re backup up.

Unparalleled compatibility

Most remote backup services are limited to only Windows PC’s. Our service allows you to backup your computer whether it’s a Mac, or PC running Windows, Linux, Solaris, or even Netware 5 and above.

Support for commercial server software

If you’re running a server, then it’s likely that you’re running some form of software that requires special attention. Our software natively supports Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Lotus Domino/Notes.