Commercial Server Systems
Allstate IT Solutions only offers true servers that are specifically designed for the demands of continuous business use. We specialize in Lenovo ThinkServers and Custom Built Server Systems. We can also custom order any brand server if there is a specific one that you wish to use for your business. All of the server systems that we sell come with a minimum of 3 year manufacturer warranty because they are made from commercial-grade, highly reliable components.

Desktops and Workstations
Business desktops and workstations are the primary tools used to complete the day-to-day tasks necessary to the act of doing business.  When a system is not working properly, someone is sitting at the office unable to do their job, which wastes the company’s time and money.  To minimize system failure and increase warranty coverage periods, commercial grade systems should be used in the business environment.  Systems come in all shapes and sizes, so we can accommodate even tight working spaces  We specialize in Lenovo business-class computers and custom built business desktops and workstations. We can also custom order any brand if there is a specific one you wish to use for your business.

Laptops and Ultrabooks
Allstate IT Solutions understand that laptops and Ultrabooks need to be able to endure the rigors of business life. We specialize in Lenovo business laptops, mobile workstations, and ultrabooks. We can also custom order any brand if there is a specific one you wish to use. Just tell us what you need and what you will use it for and we will find the perfect match.

Tablets and Convertibles
We offer Android and Windows Tablets by Lenovo. From the very basic to laptop type performance, Lenovo ThinkPads are the perfect solution to your mobile need. If you are looking for a laptop / tablet hybrid, then a convertible notebook is the right solution for you. We can also custom order any brand tablet or convertible if there is a specific one you wish to use. The more we know, the more we can help.

Business Telephone Systems
Allstate IT Solutions offers snom telephone systems in conjunction with our business telephone service. snom’s portfolio of cutting-edge, SIP-based telephony devices are recognized for their rugged, commercial-grade performance, reliability, and ease of interoperability. The combination of snom business telephones and Allstate IT Solutions VoIP Business Phone Service will keep you connected anywhere, anytime. In fact, multiple office locations, remote workers, and sale people can use the phone system from any location with a working Internet connection.

Data Storage and Backup
Allstate IT Solutions offer custom-built onsite backup appliances, Lenovo EMC Storage and Windows storage servers. We also offer network attached storage (NAS) and direct attached storage (DAS) options. Whatever your onsite storage needs, Allstate IT Solutions can implement the right solution. Combine one of these onsite storage solutions with our Remote Data Backup service for business continuity, data compliancy, and assurance that your critical business data is 100% safe. In the event of a catastrophic failure, data restoration is a guarantee, not just a need.

Accessories and Peripherals
Allstate IT Solutions offers a comprehensive line of accessories and peripherals for your business. We offer computer monitors and displays, security and protection devices, wireless and networking products, commercial-grade scanners, laser printers and multifunction devices, laptop and tablet accessories, and anything else that you can think of. We can custom order anything that you may need for your business. If you can imagine it, we can get it.

Commercial Software
Allstate IT Solutions offers any software or application that you may need for your business server or computers. We can also advise you on which operating systems and software will best serve the needs of your specific network. We also offer a wide array of productivity and security software. If your business has special, vendor specific software needs, we can guide you through the process of obtaining it, plus install it and set it up to work with network properly.