Operating System Installation

The operating system that is installed on your computer is software that supports the basic functions of the system. There are many reasons it might be necessary to install an operating system on an existing system.

  • Compatibility Issues – Sometimes there is a compatibility issue between the existing operating system and specific software, applications or peripherals. When this happens it may be necessary to either upgrade or downgrade the existing operating system to a version that is compatible.
  • Performance Issues – Despite best efforts, sometimes the only way to resolve intermittent issues with a system is to perform a fresh install of the operating system. Allstate IT Solutions does not use this method unless all other options have been exhausted.
  • Hard Drive Failure – When a hard drive has completely failed, it is necessary to replace it. When this happens it will be necessary to do a complete install of the operating system.
  • Personal Preference – Sometimes a client chooses to upgrade or downgrade the operating system based on personal preference.
  • Consistency – In a business environment, it is very helpful to have all business desktops, workstations and laptops running the same operating system.