Network Security

Earth and shield securityNetwork security has become one of the most important factors for companies to consider. By increasing network security, you decrease the chance of privacy spoofing, identity theft, information theft and other forms of security breach. A company’s network security can be easily compromised if the proper security measures have not been implemented.

Network attacks are often caused by the direct or indirect interaction of humans. There are many situations in which employees themselves pose the biggest threat to businesses. Employees can unintentionally install something that is infected with viruses, worms or Trojans from their email or the Internet. Sometimes, they fail to use discretion or common sense by providing sensitive information to others, using the same passwords for everything, using high risk websites from the office computer, etc.

Network security is susceptible to human mistakes, this can be anything from misconfigured equipment or services to unsecured user names and passwords. Network security can also be compromised when it is not set up properly or routine measures are not taken for security. There are known attacks in which protocol’s weaknesses are exploited by attackers, such as SNMP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP or ICMP. It is important to update device’s firmware, install the latest OS security updates and change the default settings.

This is why a security policy should include internal and external threats. By gaining physical access to network devices, a user can extract important information from the business servers. External attackers gain access to network resources through the Internet, which is a very common way network security is compromised.

Every company should implement a security policy where potential vulnerabilities are addressed and treated. Allstate IT Solutions can perform an In-Depth IT Audit to determine the integrity of your existing network security.