Hosted PBX

A Hosted PBX service eliminates the need for an on-premise PBX (Public Branch Exchange). A PBX is the switchboard hardware that provides advanced call routing service, and it is what offers the “big business” functions such as Auto Attendants (or Virtual Receptionists), Voicemail, Hunt Groups, Conference Rooms, and a host of other features. By using your computer network, the PBX is also capable of communicating with individual devices like PDAs, mobile phones, IP-phones, unified communications systems, and analog gateways, extending outside of your office’s bricks-and-mortar location across any distance via the Internet.

Allstate IT Solutions’ Hosted PBX Phone Service offers every advantage: An Advanced PBX Feature Set, Cost Reduction, Resiliency, Control and Flexibility. There’s no reason to settle for anything less.

Advanced PBX Feature Set

Our Hosted PBX Phone Service includes all the standard PBX service features you expect: Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Paging, Conference Rooms, Service Flags, Agent Groups (ACDs), Voicemail, Cell Phone Support – plus many for which you’d expect to pay extra: The ability to register multiple phone lines to a single extension (in any location, anywhere in the WORLD), the ability to utilize your cell phone as just another extension of the office PBX (it calls your cell phone at the same time as your desktop phone), the ability to set the IP-PBX to email your voicemails so that you can easily streamline the process of determining whether you want to listen to them now, later, or just delete unsolicited calls.