Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Data Backup?

Remote data backup is a method of making a backup copy of the information on a computer and sending it over the Internet to another computer or in our case server cluster. A server cluster is a group of specialized computers known as servers working together to accomplish a common goal. The goal this cluster is to accomplish is to receive and store backup copies of information from computers all over the world.

I already have a backup system, why is remote backup so great?

If you’re backing up with an external hard drive that is better than nothing. However, here are a few important caveats with external hard drives. If you don’t have a completely automatic solution, then you have to remember to run the backup every night. If you do have an automatic solution then are you taking it off premise ever night? What happens if there is a fire, or a break in and someone steals the drive? What if the drive unbeknownst to you becomes damaged and you have a system failure?

With a remote data backup service you don’t have to worry about your data not being available in the event of a disaster. It’s safely backed up every night to a remote server in our secure SAS/70 certified datacenter. With our remote data backup service you don’t need to worry about our equipment failing. Your data is distributed over a number of drives, if 1 drive fails, the data also exists on at least 1 other drive and in many cases 3, so there’s no need to worry.
Allstate IT Solutions’ Remote Data Backup service is the safest, easiest, and cheapest piece of mind you can buy for your critical information.

How easy is it to restore my data if there is a catastrophe?

If there is a catastrophe and you need to restore your data, just open the remote backup software and click the restore button. A dialog box will pop up allowing you to select the files you want to restore. Click the files you want to restore, select where you want them to restore to and click ok. The files will begin downloading right away. If it’s a dire emergency and you had a major equipment failure and needed to replace your computer, simply download and install the backup software from our support page, enter your username and password and go through the restore procedure from above.