Diagnostic Repair Service

A Diagnostic Repair Service is the standard service necessary to resolve the underlying issues which cause the presenting symptoms. Many computer issues can be resolved with this process and do not require anything more extensive to return to optimum performance.

During the diagnostic process, the technician will be able to ascertain exactly what is going on with the computer and the actions necessary for repair. If it is determined that necessary service to fix the computer goes above this scope, you will be contacted to authorize the next action needed. There will never be a surprise at the time of payment because we only move forward with your consent.

Some examples of service needs that would require additional authorization is hardware failure, data recovery, operating system repair or install, maintenance and performance optimization, and virus and spyware cleanup.

Diagnostic Repair Service Process:

  • Perform an initial assessment of the computer system.
  • Collect and analyze system reports (i.e. system logs, dump files, etc.).
  • Perform applicable diagnostics and testing based on system reports and presenting symptoms and repair any reported errors.
  • Verify that Windows Update is working properly [or any other OS]. If not working properly, take necessary action.
  • Take necessary actions to resolve system issues. As this time, it may be determined that additional authorization is needed and client will be contacted.
  • Verify that Windows is fully up-to-date with critical updates [or any other OS]. Perform updates as needed.
  • Verify that all high-risk applications are up-to-date, (JAVA, Flash, Adobe Reader, etc.). Perform updates as needed.
  • Verify that licensed antivirus software is running on system and is up-to-date. Perform updates as needed. If no licensed antivirus is present client will be contacted for authorization to install one.
  • Provide a summary of services performed and confirmation of completed work.