Data Recovery

Allstate IT Solutions provides data recovery services in-store. We use a software method, which is the least expensive option available. If we are unable to recover any of your data, there is no charge for this process.  If we are able to recover any or all of your data we can back it up to any external storage device. We can also back it up to DVD if there is only a small amount of data.

If we are unable to recover your data in our store, there are other options. Allstate IT Solutions can send your hard drive, server or other corrupted media to a specialized data recovery center. Though they have a relatively high success rate, prices start around $500 and can range into the thousands of dollars.

If the specialized data recovery center is not able to recover your data, you would still be responsible for any charges billed to Allstate IT Solutions, including shipping.

To avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss, Allstate IT Solutions strongly recommends the use of a Remote Data Backup Service.