Computer Service and Repair

Diagnostic Repair Service
A Diagnostic Repair Service is the standard service necessary to resolve the underlying issues which cause the presenting symptoms. Many computer issues can be resolved with this process and do not require anything more extensive to return to optimum performance.

Virus and Spyware Cleanup
Allstate IT Solutions provides a comprehensive Virus and Spyware Cleanup service. We do not just remove the malware threats on your computer, we repair any damage they may have caused and take proactive measures to help minimize the chances of future infection. Our process is so intensive, we guarantee that your system is clean.

Maintenance and Performance Optimization
The Allstate IT Solutions Maintenance and Performance Optimization can restore your system back to its peak performance and security. Desktops, workstations, laptops, and servers  need proactive care to minimize failure and maintain optimum performance.  They will begin to run more slowly and develop problems over time without proper care. In most cases, these problems can be resolved or even prevented with annual maintenance and performance optimization. Aging systems or systems under heavy use may need this service more often.

Operating System Installation
The operating system that is installed on your computer is software that supports the basic functions of the system. There are many reasons it might be necessary to install an operating system on an existing system, (compatibility issues, performance issues, hard drive failure, personal preference, and IT consistency).

Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade
Allstate IT Solutions provides hard drive replacements and upgrades for your existing desktops, workstations, laptops and servers. There are many reason that a hard drive might need to be replaced in an existing system, (hard drive failure, increased storage needs, and performance boost).

Data Recovery and Backup
Allstate IT Solutions provides data recovery services in-store. We use a software method, which is the least expensive option available. If we are unable to recover any of your data, there is no charge for this process.  To avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss, Allstate IT Solutions strongly recommends the use of our Remote Data Backup Service.