Business Telephone Service

Technology has become the great leveler and the implementation of the right business technology will actually reduce overhead. Advanced technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications are not just for the Fortune 500 anymore; Allstate IT Solutions’ Business Telephone Service will significantly reduce the communications overhead for your business. When your cost of doing business goes down, your business profits go up!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) utilizes your existing business Internet connection to make and receive local, long distance and international telephone calls, eliminating a business’s dependency on high-priced, traditional telephone company service. We also offer standard fax service using VoIP technology which saves you money on your inbound and outbound calls.

Our service is much more than a traditional telephone service replacement; it works with your existing on-premise PBX, standard telephones, older analog/digital telephones, and commercial VoIP telephone systems. We understand that image is everything, and perception is reality. With Allstate IT Solutions’ Hosted PBX Phone Service, your business communications will never look so good for so little. Hosted PBX provides the comprehensive PBX feature set, without the expense of the physical PBX hardware, maintenance and upgrades.

In addition to saving money on your business telephone service and incoming/outgoing telephone calls, Allstate IT Solutions provides personalized client care, an impressive list of features, and superior call quality and reliability.

Advanced technologies like VoIP communications are not  just for the Fortune 500 anymore; they’re for the fortunate companies with advanced thinking. Allstate IT Solutions advances your thinking and your technology – while saving you money!