Business Service Contracts

Break / Fix Contracts
We offer two service contracts for break / fix, both include 4 hour priority response, remote support (unattended), remote support (attended) and  included quarterly labor hours.  Our Break / Fix contracts offer ongoing IT service as you need it, when you need it without any network management or proactive monitoring.  These contracts are designed for small networks that do not require ongoing IT management, monitoring, and maintenance.  Clients with a Break / Fix contract can receive discounts on additional labor by purchasing Prepaid Labor Blocks.

Managed Services Agreements
We offer two service levels of managed services, both include all service priority levels, remote data backup service, remote support (unattended), remote support (attended) and included quarterly labor hours. Managed Services clients are provided a special discounted labor rate for hours needed above and beyond those included.  The difference in the two managed service levels is the number of included quarterly labor hours.

Prepaid Labor Blocks
Prepaid Labor Blocks are only available to clients with a Break / Fix contract.  Prepaid Labor Blocks are sold in blocks of 5 or 10 labor hours that expire after 12 months.  These labor blocks are added to the pool of available hours available under a break / fix contract